Author: Pastor Frank
September 24, 2021

Faith is a personal choice. A choice to trust and believe that you are a child of God, created in God’s image and that you have sacred worth to God. There are often times in our lives(almost daily for me) that I deem my self unworthy of God’s love. I have to remind myself that nobody’s opinion of me not even my own matters! I, you, we are all children of the creator and called to be in relationship with Christ and each other regardless of how our lives have gone. We must be intentional about choosing Christ on a daily, hour by hour, even minute by minute basis. Lord Jesus help us to see ourselves and each other as you do. Strengthen us to choose you and your love over the things of this world. Transform us into who you created us to be, bearers of your love, mercy, compassion, peace, grace and faithfulness. Amen.


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