Author: Pastor Dinah
January 31, 2024

Glory is a manifestation of God's presence. It's a place where we see God. This is so obvious to me when I'm out in creation, like a
fabulous thunderstorm or a pleasant light shining through tree branches or a full moon in a clear sky.
I saw all these glorious things just this week.
The curious thing about glory in John's gospel is that it shows up in relationships.
The neighboring movement has an interesting way of thinking about your own neighborhood, the place that surrounds your home, and it's called eight front doors. Eight front doors, it is about noticing the eight front doors that are the closest to your own. Across the street, behind you, two houses beside you, your next-door neighbors, and the houses that are on your diagonals.
Do you know the people that are behind those doors? 
Is there a relationship? 
Is it the kind of relationship where you are giving and receiving care, loving your actual neighbor as yourself?
It's a challenge.
The eight-front door challenge. 
What do you know about your eight closest neighbors?
Can you give and receive care with the people who live behind those eight front doors?
Everlasting God, You are our dwelling place in all generations. Your love is our home, and your grace always welcomes us just as you are fully present with us. You call us to be fully present where we live, attentive to the people who are in our home, and attentive to our neighbors who are nearby. Bless us for that attention. Ground us in relationship, so that we can extend your grace to others and show us the way of relationship, abundance, and joy. 

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