Whose are you?

Whose are you?

Author: Pastor Frank
September 07, 2021

Do you know who you are? Do you know whose you are? After a conversation yesterday these two questions were then asked? It is my understanding and belief that you must recognize whose you are to really identify who you are. I never really had an identity until I had a relationship with Jesus. People knew me in different ways coworker, a relative, friend, jerk, etc. but once I claimed my birthright as a child of God, fully loved and claimed by God as One of God's children then nothing else and nobody's opinion mattered. My worth is in how God sees me and no one else, there is great comfort in knowing that I am covered in Grace and unconditional love, great peace in knowing that I don't have to be perfect, and great strength in knowing that God goes with me wherever I go. I am a child of God that is who I am that is who we all are!!! Because of this we can then identify who we are. For me it's an imperfect person trying to be the best husband, father, friend, best version of myself as I follow Jesus throughout my days striving to be better today than yesterday all the while knowing that no matter what I don't have to beat myself up for my shortcomings but rather just work harder at who God created me to be. We strive for spiritual progress not spiritual perfection. I hope and pray today that if you have not claimed your inheritance in the kingdom that you do. That you come to know that you are a wonderful child of God right now just as you are and that God loves you unconditionally. Lord Jesus we give you thanks for all your wonderful blessings and for imitating the life our God would have us live. Strengthen us, reveal to us your call on our lives so that our hearts would yearn to be united with yours O God. Move us ever closer to you God so that we can and would boldly claim that we are your children fully loved and fully forgiven by you. Today God empower us to say who and whose we are in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


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