Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

Board of Trustees
Trustees Job Description

Trustees function as Christian stewards of the property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes oversight and care of all local church property, buildings, and equipment to further the church’s mission.  

Responsibilities of the Committee
Monitor condition of buildings, grounds, equipment, and other church property and arrange for proper maintenance and/or repairs
Help provide a clean, safe, well-maintained environment in which people may come together to serve Christ and make disciples of Christ
Contract with service providers
Review all insurance coverage to see that it is adequate and up to date and develop appropriate risk management strategies
Ensure that all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied
Conduct an annual accessibility audit of buildings and grounds to discover and then work toward eliminating barriers that impede the full participation of all people
Address safety issues related to buildings, grounds, and equipment
Submit annual budget requests for property maintenance and improvement and new property purchases to the Finance Committee
Grant permission to outside organizations who want to use the building

Responsibilities of the Chairperson
Guide the work of the trustees throughout the year, including preparing and communicating the agenda for meetings, leading meetings, following up on plans by assigning responsibility for implementation, and coordinating maintenance of church property, including endowments, trust funds, and gifts made to the congregation
Become familiar with disciplinary and legal requirements related to church property and United Methodist resources and organization.
Consult regularly with the pastor about property matters
Be able to communicate with people of all ages and to work with other ministry leaders

Spiritual Gifts and Qualifications
Have one or more of these spiritual gifts: servanthood, helping, discernment, leadership, administration, and giving
Understand property and asset management
Should show genuine interest in responding to the hopes and concerns of people in the congregation and show a willingness to partner with community interests Email


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