Cherie Benson

Cherie Benson

Cherie Benson

Care & Concern Ministry

The Care & Concern Ministry seeks to be an extension of Christ’s compassion. Whether it’s the birth of a new child, the grieving of a loved one, family crisis, or medical emergency – we mobilize to care for people and help all members of the congregation cope with the changes life brings. Cherie Benson, Chairperson

Chairperson Job Description
Communicate with pastors and staff to keep informed of the needs of members of the congregation.
Keep care teams informed of situations among members of the congregation where special caring is needed.
Support the work of ongoing care teams and collaborate with pastors and staff to develop new ways to meet the needs of the congregation.
Invite volunteers to be the “hands and feet of Christ”.
Prepare an annual budget to present to the Finance Committee.
Attend monthly Church Council meetings and report on the status of the ministry.

Support Teams
Prayer Team:
This team prays for individuals who need support for difficult issues that they are dealing with in their lives. Prayer request can be made online through our church website and from verbal or written request during worship and/or to the staff.  Members of the team pray over each request to provide support and comfort for the individuals requiring prayer. Contact Wayne McEwen if you are interested to be part of this team.

Loving Spoonfuls: Volunteers sign up to cook and/or deliver meals to individuals or families that need a little extra help with meals. Whether due to illness, hospitalization, recuperation, new baby, or other circumstances, the team provides good food and some love. Samantha Adkins will be happy to tell you how to get on the volunteer list.  

Stephen Ministry: 
When people are struggling with the loss of a loved one, loneliness, illness, job loss, divorce, a spiritual crisis, or any of countless other life challenges, Stephen Ministers are trained laypeople, that can provide focused, confidential care, encouragement, and support needed to make it through a crisis. If you have spiritual gifts of mercy, encouragement, giving, or healing, our Stephen Ministry Leaders Kathy Hubbard or Tammy Allen would be happy to talk with you about training.

College Connections: 
We care for and support our students, especially when they are away from home attending college. College Connections sends out care packages four times a year and sends cards of encouragement in between. Each student has a prayer pal so they know someone is always caring. Mandy Jackson or Dawn Tanner would love to tell you how you can be part of this.

Funeral Care Ministry: 
Losing a loved one and planning a funeral or memorial service can be daunting so we’re here to help and support families at this time. It might be serving cookies and coffee after a service, working with the family’s caterer to serve a meal in the Fellowship Building, working with the pastor to organize details of the service, or simply holding hands and giving hugs. Betty Jones invites you to find out more and join our team.

Hospital Visitation: This ministry provides care and comfort for members, their families and friends who are in the hospital through visits during hospital stays and after release from the hospital. Contact Church office at office if you are interested in volunteering for this ministry.

Senior Living Visitation:
This ministry provides care and comfort to members who are homebound and/or are in assisted living facilities. Visit frequency is set by the needs of the care receivers. Visits are conducted in groups of two people. Contact Church office at office if you are interested in volunteering.

Card Ministry: 
Even in this electronic age, an old fashioned card in the mail is always a welcome surprise. Our Card Ministry works to stay connected with members by sending greeting cards to recognize important events or just to say, “Hello – we miss you”. You can help make someone’s day a little brighter by contacting Nita Mastin to volunteer.

Prayers and Concerns: 
Rev. Becky Hamann coordinates a group of people who pray for our church and staff.



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