Spiritual Growth


Spring Creek United Methodist Church commits to an ever-deepening relationship with God through worship, meaningful connections with others, intentional spiritual growth and committed service.

What do we mean by, “an ever-deepening relationship with God”?   God invites us into in relationship that moves us from merely knowing about God or believing in God, to having a personal experience of God that transforms us into the image of Christ. 
What is “intentional spiritual growth”?  The goal of spiritual growth is union with God.  In the Christian tradition this includes union with Christ and living as Jesus lived. 
              Spirituality is an awareness and experience of being connected to something greater than ourselves (God), others, and creation.  It gives us meaning and purpose in life, is a source of hope and strength, and builds healthy relationships and communities.
              Growth in our spiritual life draws us into a deeper connection with God leading to a greater and expanding capacity for love, compassion, respect, and acceptance of others and all creation.  We also grow in our knowledge of God through the study of Scriptures from diverse perspectives and through the listening and sharing of faith stories. 
              Our spiritual self is formed by our daily interior and exterior experiences and interactions.  Being intentional about our spiritual growth is putting forth the effort, time, energy, and commitment to participate in spiritual disciplines.  Spiritual practices do not guarantee growth. However, like planting and tending seeds, it places us in an open stance where we are ready and willing to receive God’s grace.  God, through the work of the Holy Spirit, brings about the growth and transformation. 

The purpose/role of the Spiritual Formation Team is to monitor the spiritual pulse of the congregation in order to:  (1) Ensure there is a wide spectrum of opportunities for “intentional spiritual growth.”  (2) Keep “spiritual growth” in the forefront of the congregation. (3) Prayerfully discern areas to develop new spiritual growth opportunities. (4) Introduce and lead in the classic Christian spiritual disciplines of prayer, meditation and study.
(There are many other spiritual disciplines such as worship, community life and service that are covered under other areas of ministry at Spring Creek.  We celebrate the many ways the Holy Spirit invites, transforms and empowers us and the Spiritual Formation Team serves as one small part of the Body of Christ.)

Chairperson responsibilities

  • Facilitate monthly team meetings (or as needed)
  • Guide the team in developing and implementing a Path to Discipleship program
  • Oversee the sign-ups and registration for ReCharge Groups
  • Attend monthly Church Council Meeting
  • Report to the Church Council with updates and plans
  • Explore opportunities to work in partnership with other ministry areas


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