Perry Bone

Perry  Bone

Perry Bone

Finance Chair

Finance Chairperson Job Description

The role of the Finance Chairperson is to oversee the financial activities and capabilities of Spring Creek, making sure that the financial records are accurate and proper internal controls are in place. The Chairperson continuously monitors the status of donations, expenditures, and bank and credit accounts, and ensures that procedures and controls related to these financial activities are in place and properly followed. The Chairperson evaluates the church’s financial health and reports monthly to the Finance Committee and the Church Council any changes, trends, or potential concerns with general budget funding. An effective chairperson reviews opportunities to improve the church’s financial well-being to facilitate the church’s ability to make a difference in people's lives.

Annually, ask for budget requests from all ministries and chairpersons and coordinate with the Treasurer to compile a church budget for submission to the C
Ensure that accurate and timely records for church financial activities are maintained
Attend Church Council
meetings to provide monthly financial statements and records
Continuously update and evaluate forward performance metrics and review same with Finance Committee and Church Council
Coordinate with Treasurer to monitor designated giving for proper credit and distribution and constantly gauge for any potential concerns with general budget funding
Schedule and manage Counters to count donations after church services and check for accuracy and trends

Spiritual Gifts and Qualifications
Should have one or more of these spiritual gifts: giving, faith, wisdom, administration, discernment, helping, leadership, exhortation (encouragement), and teaching
Valuable skills and experience for this position are the ability to listen to and communicate with people of all ages, skills and interest in budgetary matters, a passion for financially supporting the mission of making Christian disciples for the transformation of the world, and the ability to work with individuals and ministry teams.
Should have a strong understanding of biblical stewardship and management of that entire God provides.
Basic skill with financial matters is helpful



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