Spring Creek Cares

Inspired by our community’s need for an organization that can provide funds to lift hardworking families and individuals out of a crisis, Spring Creek Cares was established. Other non-profits typically provide monthly basic needs assistance to the most vulnerable like the elderly, disabled, poverty stricken, and homeless but are not able to give the larger one time financial assistance needed when a sudden crisis happens. That’s why CARES is focused on individuals and families that are doing just fine until a critical situation threatens to leave them unable to support themselves. Our heart is set on providing sufficient financial assistance to help them get back on track.

Providing one-time financial assistance to low to moderate income families in Bexar and Kendall Counties, CARES frequently pays for essential living costs such as rent, car payments, auto repair, medical expenses, training and rehabilitation services. Instead of facing the possibility of recurring assistance, potential homelessness or the onset of generational poverty, we are helping people stay independent.  

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9200 Dietz Elkhorn Road | Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015 | 830.981.8331

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