Author: Joan Harman
October 18, 2021

This week let's talk about food.  If you participated in the Rise for Hunger last Sunday what was/is your impressionism of that ministry?

It seems to me that this charity is like Habitat for Humanity in that they provide the structure and do all the organizational work if a congregation wants to pay and participate. 

Feeding is a critical spiritual discipline that God models for us.  Think of the following stories:
God provides every necessary food in the Eden Garden, and Adam and Eve's two sons were a shepherd and a farmer.
Noah and family were told to store food for the days when they would be "flooded in" Gen.6:21
God through Elijah provided the never-ending jar of meal for the widow of Zarephath until rain came to break the famine caused by drought.  1Kings 17:15
Through Elisha, God provided for the widow of one of the prophets who was destitute.  2Kings 4:2-7
The only miracle of Jesus recorded in all 4 gospels is the feeding of more than 5,000 by the blessing of God.
Matthew 14,  Mark  6,   Luke 9,   and John 6.
Revelation 22 describes the Holy City where the river of life flows from the throne of God, with the tree of life growing on each side yielding fruit each month.  Can't get a better visual ending than that!

But all of those are nothing as compared to the Holy Communion meal that is always available to us as long as there is an officiant to bless and offer it.  Usually it is a congregational experience, but whether singly or communal it is an experience with God that can change us.  As I read this week, "It is the new manna.  Just as God fed his people in the desert with manna each day, God now feeds his people with bread from heaven."

Let's now look at Exodus 16:12-36 and Numbers 11:7-9.
Last week I conducted an anecdotal survey of no statistical validity about MANNA, food God provided.  The question was:  What is manna and how would you describe it?
3 adults and 5 young people either had never heard of it or didn't know enough to have an idea what it might be like.
Tallies of the descriptive responses are listed after each description:
Pieces of soft bread   5 or fluffy rounds of bread 4
1 liked thinking about a loaf big enough to feed everyone
Thin wafer   3 or small pita   3
Gummy rice or something like poi 3
Snowflakes 2 or frost 1 
Cauliflower 1 or Frosted flakes 1 and one envisioned an unleavened disc big enough to feed everyone for the day.

Blessings of food,
Joan K. Harman <><<><


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