Jacob's Struggles

Jacob's Struggles

Author: Pastor Dinah
August 09, 2023

Any story about a patriarch in Genesis is a story about you and me and who we are called to be.
Jacob, the heel grabber, the manipulator of friends and family, has become Israel.  One who struggles with God.

To wrestle with God, some things are worth the fight.  But also, some fights are a waste of energy. They are a distraction.
They are simply our attempt to control.
I think it's important to be mindful of the difference.
Because you see, it's the mistake that Adam and Eve made.
To struggle for control, to struggle, to be God.
It's the mistake of Cain who kills his brother Abel.
It's the mistake of those who struggle to build the Tower of Babel.
They were all wrestling for control.
Wrong struggle.
Time and prayer and worship are worth the struggle.
I think so.



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