Author: Pastor Frank
September 15, 2021

Expectations are in my opinion just as bad as opinions. If we set them to high we are often disappointed. If we don't set them high enough we can become lackadaisical. Opinions are the same way if we value ours or even someone else's to high or not high enough they have the power to do the same as expectations. So to make life simpler I realize that opinions really don't matter( they just help people cope with life, some are good some are bad, they simply just are). Expectations are the the same way. Expectations are just future resentments in the waiting. In my opinion I expect you....... I say we put more stock in what Jesus says, expects, and has an opinion on more than anything else. Lord Jesus move us this day towards you, closer in relationship with you and closer in relationship with each other. Help us to not be so opinionated and to not expect things from ourselves and others that are unreasonable. Instead Lord strengthen us to hope instead of expectation, encourage us to have unconditional love instead of judgmental opinions. Use us O God each one of us for your kingdom and your glory, let the light of your Son Jesus shine brightly. Amen.


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