Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

Author: Joan Harman
November 09, 2021

Geometric shapes are used in every field of thought and endeavor as either guides or metaphors.  In our field of theology and Bible Study, we most often use a triangle, based on the Trinity of God, but John Wesley did have his golden quadrilateral that added three other raw materials to the input of Scripture.

Dallas Willard has a Golden Triangle of Spiritual Formation. I'm assuming it is an equilateral triangle, as it really doesn't matter which side you start or end with, all are of equal importance.
Practice Spiritual Disciplines
Embrace our Situation
Open our lives to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit
Suppose you are starting with Embrace our Situation
If you think this time is chaotic, do remember our cosmos, including all of us, was created out of chaos. Our bodies know things before our mind realizes we know it.  We know how chaos feels even before our minds tell us exactly how things are whirling around.  How does your body inform your understanding of situations? Squeezing and squirming in tension, or thawing and thanking in the suspense? And can you smile, both with pleasure and as a time/place holder while you have time to breathe and collect two thoughts together?

How is the Holy Spirit nudging you into correct thinking when your body is reacting to faster apps and slower deliveries, less solidarity, and more fluidity in family opinions?   If Joy is the humans' noblest act (someone said that in the past and it is very appropos to think of that now) how does the Spirit lead us toward JOY? The Spirit will lead us into some helpful spiritual disciples.

 In my mind, the various disciplines can't be ranked. If, then, all are of equal value, just pick anyone and start. 
Perhaps you commit to taking communion regularly, that blessing that provides us with the manna for this time.
Perhaps you commit to speak only kind or uplifting words in this time of industrialized gossip.
Perhaps you commit to reading the Bible regularly again and grab an Upper Room at church or catch Pastor Frank on his text or blog meditations.

And after you've committed to one of these or a different discipline, which way are you going.................more open to the guidance of the Spirit or embracing (and accepting) the situation we're in? Remember it's an equilateral, equiangular, equi - empowering way to operate.  Any direction forth or back is productive.

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