Our Soul

Our Soul

Author: Pastor Frank
August 30, 2021

When our bodies are hurt we go to our doctors. When our vision is blurry we go see our eye doctor. Ears hurt then ear doctor, foot hurts then foot doctor. Or we might go to a general doctor and they might help us or send us to a specialist. What about our souls? Do we go to the great healer and physician of life? I really dislike going to the doctors or the hospital. I would rather gut out the pain or illness till my body heals itself. That is not always the case no matter how hard we try not to get sick or hurt or how hard we try to self medicate ourselves the time comes for a doctor or specialist to help us. The same goes for our soul I believe. I tried many years to self medicate and gut out the the hurt and pain and sin in me. But eventually I came to the doctor of salvation , met with a specialist on redemption and now my soul is in the healing process with continual doses of spirit filled medicine. May we all seek the physician of life and become healthy in our own lives so we can help others. God of salvation, God of life, God of healing we ask for healing on us to be redemptive and soul filling, strengthening us to be healed to your will for our lives and your design for us. Redeem us, and fill us so that we would help rescue and assist in your healing plans for all the world. Now and forever in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. Amen

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