Author: Pastor Frank
September 09, 2021

A couple of Tylenol and some more sleep and you wake up feeling much better. I think we often wish the trials and hurt that we go through in life could be solved that simply. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Sometimes the situation can be fixed or healed quickly but sometimes it takes a longtime and sometimes the hurt or pain never even goes completely away. I believe that our God is right there in the mix of our struggles, God doesn't cause us pain, life causes us pain and people can cause us pain. But we were created in Gods image God breathed the very breath of life into us and if we feel pain then I know God can feel our pain as well. But our strength and willingness comes from God as well. We may sometimes feel weak or sick or be hurt or stressed or feel like life is just giving us to much. Please remember that you and I are never alone and we can call on the strength of the one true God and the whole body of Christ to help us get through whatever life throws at us. God of us all thank you for including us in creation and in your family give us the strength and conviction to follow and trust in you now and always. Help us to seek one another to get help and courage and urge us God to be willing to be there for our brothers and sisters. May your love prevail always in us and others. Amen


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