Two Brothers

Two Brothers

Author: Pastor Dinah Shelly
July 19, 2023

We talked about the heroes in the Bible, and we talked about how we could be heroes in God's story as well. 

Stories of the Bible heroes tell us something about who we want to be, who we hope to become, so who are we?
We want to be people who rely on God even when life is so very hard. 
Our family stories, the stories of our faith heroes, remind us of our good fortune that we can trust God, that there is no need to manipulate a system of grace, that there's no need to discount a system of grace. 
There's no need to be a grabber, even when we feel likeone. 
The Bible tells us how to handle people who are our other. 
Jesus taught his disciples to love your neighbor as yourself. 
Treat the other - any other, any neighbor with respect and dignity and compassion.


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