Author: Joan Harman
July 29, 2021

This week I took my stack of VERY GOOD NOTES from a variety of sources and noticed that there is no cohesion to form one elaborated thought.  So, it's a week of Ramblings, because "You gotta see these!  They are SO good."  Here's the format.  Each great idea is in regular print.   Any comment or opinion I have regarding that idea will be in italics.  I hope.

#1- Surrender to the intention wanting to use your life.       This reminds me of those preference or skills assessment tests we sometimes take after the perfect job "we thought" doesn't turn out to be so perfect.  I must say, I'm considering developing one of those for what it takes to be 89 and still chugging, but where is the intention wanting to use a well worn anatomy who loves food more than most anything else?

#2- Pick your list out of these two: truth, youth, love OR
truth, beauty, justice, love.  My choice varies from day to day.  This morning I only took beauty, not the whole list.  On the morning walk, the neighbor gave me some jasmine blooms to put under the sweat band on my hat, and we saw a fledgling hummingbird whose mama had just pushed him out of the nest chirping, "You can do this."

#3- All visible sides of an object presuppose at least one side invisible.      Does that work also for arguments/opinions?

The writer went on to say that only God has the omniscient point of view.

#4- In a recent Upper Room devotional we were to read Matthew 11:25-30 , and for the first time it occurred to me that Jesus had just chastised a list of cities that had highly irritated him after all the work put into them, but in vs. 25 broke into a spontaneous prayer of thanks. 
That sure brought back memories of some times in parenting children and caregiving when events/people were irritating.  I appreciated Jesus' humanity in a new way as I remembered those days while reading this.

#5- Leo Buscaglia authors the study book our group is now discussing.   He says, "The gospel of the human effort is,  'Dreams of today are the reality of tomorrow.'  "
Space Travel was only beginning to be dreamed in the fiction of my early life, and  then it went from detailed fiction, to NASA to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos running space travel agencies.  And as of this week, they've both taken passengers into sub-orbital weightlessness.  Now how about that?

#6- The reading was Isaiah 41:1-14.
Highlights for me are I CALLED vs. 9        I AM vs. 10         I WILL HELP YOU. vs. 14.
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