Author: Pastor Frank
October 18, 2021

Priorities are either set by yourself or set by your circumstances. Either you choose your own priorities or life will set them for you. Not deciding your priorities is actually deciding. So what is a priority in your life? Look at where you spend your time, your money, and your energy that is a priority in your life. Now is it a good priority? There were times in my life my priorities were so screwed up it wasn’t even funny and I almost lost my main priorities. Lord of life and redeemer of our lives guide us today and the days to come to keep our priorities in order. Help us to make you a priority as well as to love, to forgive,to be compassionate, to have mercy, to offer grace and to seek help through the Holy Spirit. Make us strong in our selves through your Son Jesus Christ that our priorities are good and wholesome and bring joy and happiness to those around us. Amen


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