Animals of the Bible

Animals of the Bible

Author: Joan Harman
August 27, 2021

This week let's think of the animals of the Bible.  We spend a lot of time thinking about the top animal in the food chain-US.
Today let's mull over the rest of the animal kingdom.  I read about animals in various contexts this week.  One newspaper account was about a Canadian geologist who may have found sponge fossils dating close to a billion years old in rocks in the Northwest Territories.  A nature magazine article is cheerleading wasps as important pollinators.  In a John Green book of essays, I read one in which he mentions how short a time human has been on earth compared to many other species.
The 4 common animal species in my life now are house pets (dogs and cats) birds at our feeders, and an anole lizard family in our front yard.
Most of the people-tolerating animals have long entries in Bible concordances.  Wild animals get lots of coverage, as do sheep.  My ethnic background is northern European, those meat and potato eaters.  The meat I grew up with wasn't sheep and the potato is not indigenous to Bible lands (refer back to last week's writing about plants of Bible lands). 
Nevertheless, I can thank God for the meat on the table, the herders who raise the animals, and everyone along the system who slaughters it and prepares it for my eating.

Bible quiz of the week:  Here are the clues:
1.Mary had a little ___ and Baa-baa black_____Luke 15:4
2. Simba _________I Kings 20:35,36
3. Uneasy as a ____ out of water John 21:6
4. The _____ go marching Proverbs 6:6
5. Ferocious as a she ____with cubs 1Samuel 17:34
6. 3 Little ___ Matthew 8:31, 32
7. And I did find some relatives of our anole lizards in Leviticus 11:30
Answers:   lamb, lion, fish, ants, bear, pigs, chameleon etc.

I always become thoughtful when I read of indigenous peoples thanking the spirit of the animal before they kill it to eat it.  And offering the plants a bit of tobacco as thanks before they harvest plant food.


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