Author: Joan Harman
August 19, 2021


How many plants have you looked at today?  Really looked.  And thought about.  And thanked God for them.

Plants weren't the first in the creation.  They couldn't be for they need the sun and the water to grow.  But they are the first in the food chain.   And one neat biology history fact is that most of the grains and many other vegetables that we commonly use originated in the Bible lands.

If everyone in your house is eating breakfast together, I suggest a Bagel and toast conversation around how they are made, the ingredients, what those ingredients look like when they're living, and where those ingredients come from.

What a long prayer of gratitude that makes at the end of that meal.  Thanks be to God who produces plants so abundantly.

I have two regular plant blessings in my life.  My daughter keeps cut flowers in a vase on the kitchen island weekly and our next-door neighbor has one of the greenest thumbs in Texas.  She brings me samples of everything from her fresh tomatoes for sandwiches to her jasmine blooms to tuck behind my ears when we walk.  And God cared enough for me this year to sprout a wild sunflower in her yard on our side of their driveway.  It doesn't get better than that.

Here's a simple fill in the blank plant quiz with references in the Bible where you can find the answers:
oats, peas, beans and ______grow  
Rumpelstiltskin spun______into gold 
Christmas pudding ingredient___
lining for a hope chest________
Easter flowers_____
3 Texas farm crops the fleeing Israelites missed from Egypt
our most common bread grain____

Judges 7:13 and Ruth 1:22
Proverbs 31:13
John 1:48
1 Kings 5:10
Luke 12:27
Numbers 11:5
Ezra 7:22

Did you ever wonder why barley is the bread grain of Judges and Ruth, and wheat is not mentioned till Ezra?
Joan K. Harman <><<><


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