Climbing Jacob's ladder

Climbing Jacob's ladder

Author: Pastor Alan Brown
July 27, 2023

Our little hero Jacob is on a path that we can surely describe as unconventional, especially since he’s not really allowed the inner good person to step away from the muck and do something that is actually good.
Well, things can change.  Sometimes they change due to hard work and effort, self-sacrifice, constantly applying yourself to overcome your deficiencies and turn your life around.
Other times we receive something similar to this passage.  God intervenes and seems to take a less useful life spent in pursuit of personal gain and provide sharp and clear focus that instantly grabs our attention and pushes us into an existence full of purpose.

God's covenant to us is the promise that he will continually fill us with love if we are only willing to accept the gift. Sometimes, even though we are the adult children of God, there are messages worth repeating.
They are the things that are that are important to our faith and the things that help us to understand not just where we are, and where we are going…
But sometimes, where we have been.



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