Loving God

Loving God

August 23, 2023

Loving God, look inside of us, help us to look inside of ourselves, to see what it is that makes us tick, or fails to make us tick in order that we may choose the virtue of reverence in our lives, the life of our church, community, family and in all of Your children.  Allow that little bit of us that sees the truth to shine in us and others, those we work with, live with, and worship with in community.  Prevent us O Lord, from using up our energy and the damage we do to ourselves, our church, our community and others when we become angry, and hatred, and pride overwhelms us with the heaviness of life.  Keep us focusing on you and that part of ourselves that is Your image within us so that we might be good for community, our church, our families and for your children, in all we do.  



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