The Risk of Faith

The Risk of Faith

Author: Pastor Dinah
July 05, 2023

Are you your brother’s keeper? 
Genesis wants you to know you certainly are. But are you your brother’s owner or dictator or manager of their sin? 
Let each person say what separates them from the life-giving ways of our Lord God. 
This is hard, this can be tricky. 
Caring for people and not doing their faith work for them. Each person is called to do their spiritual work for themselves.  You see the thing that I find most challenging about Genesis 22 is that we are all called to do difficult spiritual work. This whole scene is permeated with vulnerability. I'd much rather avoid it. 
But it seems to be present in every phrase of these 14 verses.  Later today or later this week, take this scripture passage and read it slowly, maybe even out loud, and I'll promise you will feel it. 
The sense of uncertainty, the loss of control. 
Our relationship with God, our own spiritual walk, it's strengthened. It is fed.  It is powered by vulnerability. 
One of the best ways that we can get some traction on spiritual growth is to show up and put yourself out there. 
In front of God and everyone else.

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