The Devotion of Jacob

The Devotion of Jacob

Author: Alan Brown
August 02, 2023

Laban represents a figure of power in Jacob's life that has motivations contrary to the vision that Jacob now holds true.
Laban is the distraction that we all face in life that occupies our time, energy, financial resources and pulls our emotional strings to work for their purpose and not the purpose of God. Everyone has spent some measure of time managing this distraction, while other things receive less attention than they should.

These are the extreme barriers we face in life. Jacob shows us the barriers we must overcome.
It is likely that the lessons Jacob learns over these 14 years helps him to develop into a leader that is patient with his people, effective at solving problems, wise and aware of manipulations, but most importantly steadfast in his belief in God.
You see, Jacob has been called to lead people through faith, not military might or power, and this requires an inner faith that is beyond question. Looking deeper into the growth of Jacob, we can see his determination to abide by his faith and his resolve to gather his people into the nation of Israel.



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