Author: Pastor Frank
September 21, 2021

"I don't know where I am going but I sure know where I've been". It is a lyric from and old Whitesnake song. That line right there when I reflect on my life speaks volumes to the presence of God in my life. If I knew everything that would lead me to this point and place in my life now I doubt I would of done things the way they happened. But as I look at the future I find great comfort in not knowing what it holds because I go into it with faith, hope and love in my heart and in my mind. Wherever this road leads and whatever twists and turns or even detours that come up. Riding shotgun to Jesus as he leads and I follow, well that's the best it can get. Today I am hanging on the promises of tomorrow and not the songs of yesterday. God of life and giver of hope help me and all of us to focus on where you lead us to go. To have faith to step out into the unknown, knowing that we are never alone. To go forth with hope in our hearts a hope for all mankind and for the future of Christ presence in our lives and the world. To experience and show love God. Not just our love but your great abundant and wonderful and all encompassing love O God for all the people, all the time, in all the world. Mold us this day into the disciples you would have us be this is our prayer today and all days to come. Amen.


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