At Spring Creek, we believe God’s love is for everyone.  We are a church that is growing in faith and serving God where everyone is welcome.


March 28 –

“Try to discover what the Lord wants of you, having nothing to do with futile works of darkness, but exposing them by contrast.” (Eph 5:10-12)

It is so easy, and can make us feel so self-righteous, if we read Ephesians 5: 8-14 as our opportunity to call out others for what we deem “sin.”  The writer of the epistle warns us about becoming too intellectual, too “enlightened.” So often we see the splinter in another’s eye and can’t see the log in our own.  We are called to confront the evil in the world by showing, through our behavior, what God’s love and light is.

What in my life needs to be illuminated by the Lord?  Is it the anger I have at my child or parent?  Is it my judgment about other people—their sins, their way of life, their faults?   The writer doesn’t tell us to ignore evil.  He challenges us to see it and transform it in a way that witnesses to the light.

For me, the best way to reach insight, or illumination, is to ask, “How am I like that?”  The part of my sister that I can’t stand is probably part of myself I don’t own or acknowledge.  Sometimes I see anger in someone else and don’t see it in myself.  Or I see someone being judgmental and I fail to see I am doing the same thing at that very moment.

The writer of this letter challenges us to “Wake up from our sleep, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on us.”  The Risen Christ, the Light of Christ, shines when our lives are transformed by Christ’s presence.  But sometimes “waking up is hard to do.”


March 14 –

Most of us have had the experience of things going well (our Eden) and then being tempted by forbidden fruit—whether that be gossip, drinking if we are alcoholic, being unfaithful, taking something that we think no one will miss.  The problem is that when we give in to temptation there are consequences (our Eden disappears).

This is being human and we may find ourselves living with the struggle and pain of those consequences.  It may be guilt, embarrassment, shame, or hiding parts of ourselves.  God didn’t abandon Adam and Eve.    But God didn’t take away the consequences either.  Grace is learning to trust God’s infinite love and forgiveness even in the midst of those consequences.  Makes me feel humble, no better, no worse than everybody else.  We are all God’s people, waiting for redemption, remembering who we are and whose we are.   Maybe that is the point of Lent.

“Lord, help me to know that you are God and I am the servant of LOVE.  Forgive me for the times I fail and help me forgive others who fail as well.  We are all your people seeking peace and joy.  We all seek our Eden.”


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