Josie Juarez

Josie Juarez

Josie Juarez

Church Council Chair
Administrative Council Chairperson Job Description

The Church Council is the administrative agency of the church charged with envisioning, planning, implementing, and evaluating the ministry of the congregation. An effective chairperson provides initiative, coordination, and collaborative leadership for the council by working with the pastor, lay leader, and others to communicate the vision and mission of the church.

Meet and work with the pastor, lay leader, and others to fulfill the church’s mission
Along with the pastor and lay leader, is the primary spokesperson for the vision and church’s mission
Encourage all other ministry leaders.
Should organize an annual planning meeting to develop church vision and ministry goals and become familiar with United Methodist resources and organization.
During the year, prepare and communicate the agenda for council meetings, lead the meetings, and follow up on council decisions by assigning responsibility for implementation.
Provide the initiative and leadership for the council as it plans, establish goals and objectives, and evaluate the ministry of the church
Maintain a healthy and growing spiritual life.

Spiritual Gifts and Qualifications
Should possess one or more of these spiritual gifts: leadership, administration, faith, shepherding, servanthood, discernment, and teaching; should show evidence of prior effective ministry and leadership evidence of active and growing discipleship
Valuable skills for this position are listening and communicating with people of all ages, working cooperatively with ministry leaders, presiding over meetings, delegating responsibility, and following up to complete tasks.
Should show genuine interest in responding to the hopes and concerns of people in the congregation. Email


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